About Us

At Easy Edge we feel very excited to be involved in selling and marketing such an innovative product.

We feel so strongly about the features and benefits of what Easy Edge offers that it is really rewarding to know that more and more people are discovering it every day.

We often get told how surprised our customers are that it is so easy to install, people literally can’t believe how quick and easy it is to do and "how good it looks right from the start".

They say that the best ideas are the simple ones; we certainly feel that is true at Easy Edge and look forward to helping more people discover the benefits of this simple, clean and effective product.

All Easy Edge products are supplied in packs covering 5 meters

Easy Edge - The Product

Easy Edge Product


  • LENGTH – (VIEWED AREA) 235mm
  • OVERALL LENGTH = 275mm
  • WIDTH = 120mm
  • HEIGHT = 50mm

Length & Width

Example 1
  • Careful consideration has been given to the correct size of each Easy Edge section.

  • It has been designed to be wide enough to allow the wheels of a lawn mower to roll along one edge while the blade of the mower can cut the grass along the inside edge.

Metal Type & Thickness

Example 2
  • We were careful to select high quality galvanised metal.  

  • Several different metal thicknesses were trialled in order to get the correct balance between strength, durability and cost.

Tooth Depth

Example 3
  • Each tooth has been carefully designed to insert easily into the ground while ensuring that it is deep enough to remain secure for many years to come aided with the use or the locking pins.

Profile & Shape

Example 4
  • Once connected together and inserted into the ground, the Easy Edge strips mimic block paving slabs due to the angular bends between the front end and back end of the strips.

  • The front end (Nose) fits into the rear end very securely with just enough clearance to allow the Easy Edge strips to articulate to their maximum.

Eyelet Size & Shape

Example 5
  • The eyelets have also had several design changes, ensuring that the correct shape and size allows the locking pins to slide through into the ground.

  • The eyelet then holds the end of the locking pin very securely once it has be fully inserted and clicks into position.

Locking Pin Size & Shape

Example 6
  • It is important to maintain the cost of your Easy Edge installation which is why we selected a standard tent peg design to use as locking pins.
  • We recommend that you should always buy the correct diameter and length of pins to ensure proper fitment with the Easy Edge Strip.